Visit Our Remodeled Banking Center

Dallas Capital was founded to provide access to a higher level of banking service, which often begins as soon as a customer walks through the door. For that reason, we recently remodeled our Banking Center to better meet the needs of our clients.

Everyone has been forced into standing in the dreaded teller line – sometimes even once you finally arrive at the desk, you are immediately directed to another team member. Well, we believe in making banking easy and convenient. We believe in a different perspective on banking.

“We strive to deliver concierge-level service to all our clients, and our remodeled Banking Center represents who we are,” said Jennifer Sauls, Banking Center manager. “Our deliberate touchpoints to engage our clients in a more meaningful way helps us provide a level of service that is unique to Dallas Capital.”

In our newly remodeled space, you won’t see a traditional teller line or digitized ATMs that negate the personal connection with your bank. Instead, we have seated desks spanning the lobby area so we can provide a personalized, hands-on experience during transactions.

Our professional atmosphere allows clients to relax rather than wait impatiently to be herded through a line. We invite you to join us in our new Banking Center, so we can show you how Dallas does business.