Dallas Capital Bank Celebrates National Customer Service Week

Last week was National Customer Service Week – an annual event launched in 1984 by the International Customer Service Association to recognize the individuals who deliver great service and value to their customers.  Each year, we at Dallas Capital Bank celebrate this with a week of festivities to thank our hardworking employees for their exceptional client service.


Dallas Capital Bank prides itself on being more than just a commercial bank.  We employ an exceptional team that strives every day to forge meaningful, face-to-face relationships with our clients.


“Great client service starts with treating others as you would like to be treated, but it’s more than that alone,” commented Dallas Capital Bank President & CEO Doug Hutt. “It’s about going the extra mile with empathy, with the client’s best interests always top-of-mind, with a courteous smile and, yes, on occasion, even a heartfelt apology.   At Dallas Capital Bank, inspiring and supporting our employees in the delivery of superior client service is a cornerstone of our value proposition.“


Commercial Banking Executive Jason Matthews added, “All banks -- and all businesses for that matter -- “talk” about the great service they provide.  But at Dallas Capital Bank, client service is an incredibly important part of our overall mission.  Every decision we make is centered around what’s truly best for each client and how we can provide them with the absolute highest level of attention, insights and expertise.”


customer service weekAs members of the Dallas community ourselves, we know Dallas business because we are Dallas business.  Our clients are more than just account-holders, they’re the people who help make Dallas such a wonderful place to call home.  Their business successes play a crucial role in our community’s ability to continue to grow and thrive.  Ultimately, we want them to think of us as trusted friends and partners.  It’s for all of these reasons that our empowered team members work so hard to provide superior customer service, and we believe that type of dedication deserves to be celebrated.


Our week-long gala of appreciation included catered meals for employees, a variety of fun games, drawings for special prizes and – of course – well-deserved recognition and awards.


To our exceptional team:  we give our heartfelt thanks.  A week isn’t nearly long enough for us to recognize all you do to serve our clients, look out for their financial welfare, provide them with customized solutions and make us the local bank where “Dallas Does Business.”