A Legacy of Service

Even before he began serving banking clients, Raul Valles, a Commercial Real Estate Banker at Dallas Capital Bank, was proudly serving our country as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. While seemingly two different stories, Raul’s service career and his success as a banker are interwoven – the lessons he gleaned while deployed in Iraq are ones that he utilizes daily in his interactions with colleagues and clients alike. A Legacy of Service

Raul attributes his trajectory as a banker, in part, to the core tenets he learned through military service. One such lesson that Valles shared is the power of communication, “Communication is the biggest and most effective attribute a person can have in the military. If you can talk to people, you can figure things out.” Raul’s realization after returning from deployment was that almost nothing in the private sector is life-threatening. With this awareness, Valles found himself in a position of confidence – conversations became much easier and where he once saw barriers, he now saw opportunity. This new perspective led him to achieve even greater success in reaching client-centered solutions.

A Legacy of Service

Beyond communication, Valles believes team cohesion and morale play a significant role in job performance. Raul’s core belief in teamwork was strengthened by his military training, “Trusting who you’re working with is essential when you’re deployed.” Raul’s experience at Dallas Capital Bank has been one of team cohesion, “At DCB, everyone that you interact with is right here on the same floor. I can make requests to the compliance team, client services, or credit folks and reach a solution quickly.” Valles explains how, at Dallas Capital Bank, services are streamlined, “it’s refreshing to discuss the needs of a client and know quickly what the next steps are.”

For the past 25 years, Raul has served as a member of the Army Reserve in many different positions. In 2015, Raul transferred to the 14th Ordnance Battalion located in Grand Prairie, Texas. His confident and straightforward communication skills have allowed him to develop into an effective instructor. He facilitates wheeled vehicle maintenance and leadership courses - both Advanced Leader Course and Senior Leader Course.

Continuing education is as important in the military as it is in business. Recently, Raul found himself on the other side of the podium when he attended Master Leader Course at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, and successfully met all standards.

Dallas Capital Bank extends our gratitude to service members and their families for their dedication to ensuring that the liberties our country values are protected for generations to come – thank you.

If you would like to connect with Raul Valles, please contact him by email at RValles@dallascapitalbank.com or by phone at 972-391-6043.