How Dallas Does Charity – North Texas Giving Day at DCB

Everything’s bigger in Texas – including charitable hearts.

September 19, 2019, marks the 11th anniversary of North Texas Giving Day – an event that has evolved from a hopeful endeavor to build awareness of nonprofits into a vibrant, communal culture of giving.  A testament to the generosity of the Dallas community and the businesses that support it, North Texas Giving Day has grown over the years to become the largest community-wide giving event in the nation. 

Created and organized by Communities Foundation of Texas, it allows people to contribute to local non-profits through one, easy-to-use online platform and enables businesses, foundations and individuals to multiply the impact of donations with matching gifts. And the results have been astounding.

In 2018, over $48 million was raised through more than 157,000 gifts benefiting 2,700 local nonprofits, bringing the ten-year total to over $240 million for our community.

More than 3,000 charitable organizations will be participating in this year’s Giving Day, including several Dallas Capital Bank clients, such as Family Compass, The Grant Halliburton Foundation and Social Venture Partners. 

“North Texas Giving Day has become one of the most important days of the year for our community,” says Kevin Hall, President of The Grant Halliburton Foundation. “The generosity of this region is heart-warming, to say the least. Thanks to the area’s generosity, we will reach over 35,000 people with our education programs this year!”

Family Compass is excited to get their message out. “Being a part of North Texas Giving Day allows others to be a part of our mission to promote healthy childhoods and strong families,” Cory Jackson shares. The organization plans to allocate the funds to provide direct mentoring for vulnerable, high-risk families to break inter-generational cycles of abuse and neglect. 

Sean Caho from Social Venture Partners shares that “North Texas Giving Day is one of our city’s best opportunities for new and established organizations to break through and gain the support they need to carry out their missions. Contributions from the day enable us to take our philanthropic education, impact investing, collaborative incubations, corporate skills-based volunteering, and community convening even further.” 

Dallas Capital Bank also encourages its employees to participate individually with North Texas Giving Day. This year, the Bank will draw names and award prizes to employees that participate in the event through monetary donations or by volunteering their time. 

Michael Shtofman, EVP of Private Banking, volunteered with The Senior Source as a part of N2 Publishing & Starpower’s Charity Connection, an event that connects North Texas individuals and businesses with organizations that participate in North Texas Giving Day before the event.

Wendy Blackwell, EVP, Treasury Management & Depository Services, also participates each year. “North Texas Giving Day is my favorite time to give because I can support the organizations I love, knowing that other donors and organizations are providing matching dollars – making my contributions go even further.”

In addition to the tremendous good it delivers to our community, North Texas Giving Day is also good for you! Your dollar goes farther with a variety of matching programs and helps make our greater community a better place. Learn more about North Texas Giving Day, the organizations it benefits and how you can participate at