Honoring American Business Women’s Day

Recognized as a holiday in 1986 by a proclamation issued by President Ronald Reagan, American Women’s Business Day acknowledges the legacy and contributions of American working women and business owners. Dallas Capital Bank is fortunate to serve a diverse group of businesses and entrepreneurs, including many businesswomen. In celebration of American Women’s Business Day on September 22, we are honored to highlight the accomplishments of a few of those women.

Ayn Llopis, MS, is Managing Director of Actvisory, an accounting, consulting, and tax firm. As an entrepreneur serving fellow entrepreneurs, Ayn views her role as a provider of solutions that cater to the needs of business owners. She notes the challenges business owners face including lack of capital, cybersecurity, and limited human capital resources. 

“As a woman who's been fortunate enough to carve her own path in the world of accounting, I've recognized the unique challenges many female business owners deal with, especially when it comes to managing their financials,” says Llopis. “I educate the business owner on how to save money and how to make money. In the end, ACTvisory is more than just an accounting firm. It's a hub for women in business to find not only financial guidance but also inspiration, empowerment, and support.”

This type of support is foundational to the purpose of the American Business Women’s Association which lists among its mission bringing together businesswomen and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and networking.

Jennifer Bryson embraces these qualities through her roles as both a Principal at Mercer, a global human resources consulting company, and the owner of The Lake Buzz Candle Company, her self-professed “side hustle.”

Jennifer attributes her professional success to the mentorship she has received – or sought out – throughout her career. She advises young women to find a mentor in a position they aspire to and ask questions and always say yes to opportunities presented to you to continuously learn. “I’ve been successful by always leaning in and problem solving,” notes Bryson. “As long as you are trying to solve a problem, you will be good at what you do.”

This problem solving led to the creation of Lake Buzz. Jennifer found herself buying expensive candles that didn’t burn properly and felt she could do it better. “I approached it with the problem-solving mindset,” adds Bryson. “I had to learn more, research more and do more to make it happen, but I’m scrappy. I learned from my mistakes and grew from the experience and am proud of what I’ve built and the joy it gives me and my customers.”

Dallas Capital Bank takes a unique approach to service these business owners. Sherri Wolfe, Senior Vice President, Treasury Management Officer, comments, “We strive to provide service that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on growth, while we make sure the day-to-day tactical needs are managed efficiently. By providing an experienced relationship manager, a flexible and customizable suite of digital solutions, and a responsive client services team, banking with us ensures your time is spent running your business.”

We salute the women business owners and entrepreneurs we serve and all who contribute to our vibrant community and economy.

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