The DCB Difference: Real-Time, Local Decision Making

Your Business Moves Fast – Your Bank Should Too

No matter how long you’ve been with a bank, no matter how good a client you are, you can still get caught up in the red tape of decision-making.

That’s how Lee Dunlap of Quest Events realized he was just a number.

Despite being a top client at a big bank, Lee had to jump through hoops to get a small business loan. He was just a cog in the machine when it came time to do business. Even as a long-term client, he couldn’t get in a room with a decision-maker, because they were in a different city and state.

“The big issue is you don’t have local decision-making capabilities at these big banks,” states Dunlap. “There was always somebody else I had to go to or some other underwriter that had to get involved, which flew in the face of the idea of being a private client. Ultimately, I was just a number.”

So, he switched to Dallas Capital Bank.

Now Lee can jump on a call with a DCB decision-maker and negotiate loan terms in minutes. (He did his last deal in twelve minutes flat!) He realized he needed a bank that can move at the pace of business—and so do you.

In a world where most banks make decisions on their timeline, we are committed to making decisions on yours. Unfortunately, too many banks create unnecessary lag time with layers of bureaucracy and an unfamiliarity with the specific market your business is in. This can not only be frustrating, but it can also waste your time and hinder your growth. At Dallas Capital Bank, we designed our credit approval process to be both flexible and decisive – so we can communicate all decisions in a timely manner.

  • Decisions happen right here in Dallas. We’re locally owned and managed. We have deep market knowledge and can make informed decisions quickly.
  • Everyone is at the table. There is no heavy hierarchy that hinders or constrains decision time.
  • Our team works together to make the process simple, quick, and efficient. You can move forward without the lag time between departments.
  • We resolve issues face-to-face. If there are ever any questions or concerns, you can meet with decision makers at DCB and work through a solution.

You know the adage, “time is money”? We do, too. We’re local entrepreneurs, just like you.

When Blue Road Investments needed a quick turn to keep their project on track, they came to DCB. “Dallas Capital Bank’s ability to close this loan from start to finish in 20 days was not only a record for my career, but it also kept us on track with our groundbreaking, thus saving time and money on our development,” comments Blue Road’s Jeff Hackmeyer. "When we can have a process where deals get expedited, it directly adds to our available time and into our bottom line."

We’re Dallas bankers committed to Dallas businesses. We know our clients’ business; we listen to their needs, offer individualized solutions, and give the green light to get the deal done. Being local allows DCB to make fast, flexible, and definitive decisions to keep your business moving. If your current bank leaves you feeling like just a number, let’s chat about how DCB can work for your business.

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