The DCB Difference: Invested in Banking Technologies

Does your business matter to your bank? When Abby Mitchell’s small bank canceled the remote deposit technology she relied on to run her business, it became clear that they didn’t deem her business worth investing in.

Abby had been drawn to a smaller bank in hopes of building a better relationship with her banker. But that other bank lacked the technology and security she needed to do business, which made Abby feel like her voice wasn’t heard. She found the leading-edge technology her business needed, and the relationship she craved, at Dallas Capital Bank.

Like so many others, she wished she had made the change earlier to Dallas Capital Bank. According to Abby, the attention to detail and hand holding helped her through each process and exceeded every expectation.

Investing in technology was the best decision for us and our customers—and the challenges we all faced during the pandemic in 2020 and beyond proved it. We put the power of banking in our clients’ hands with the security to back it up, but we haven’t sacrificed the relationships that make DCB special. We still provide the support and customized solutions our customers deserve. Ultimately, we invest in technology because we are invested in you.

“At my former bank, I felt like I wasn’t heard, that my needs weren’t as important to them,” said Mitchell. “I know that all of those features come at a cost to the bank, but it made me feel not important enough to spend that money to keep my business.”

Banking Technology to Support You

Many banks invest in technology based on how it benefits them in the marketplace. We invest in technology to protect and support YOUR business. From your laptop to your smartphone, we’re available when and where you need us most. We provide leading-edge banking technology, backed, and supported by personal relationships.

From the beginning, we’ve operated on a branch-lite model, because these days you don’t need a bank on every corner…you need your bank to be in your corner!

We’ve invested in the latest, most convenient, and secure banking technology, so you can be confident that whatever your deposit and treasury needs, we have a digital solution to help you. And, best of all, it’s backed by a real relationship with the service and support you can’t find at the “big banks.”

We believe our clients deserve more customization. At DCB, we find a way and adapt to YOUR needs with unparalleled service and leading-edge technology.

New Products to Help You Grow

From updated merchant services, to integrated invoicing and online payment platforms, we’re constantly updating and investing in our digital offerings to bring you more solutions to take your business farther.

One of the latest and most Innovative banking technologies on the market is Real Time Payments. Dallas Capital Bank now has full RTP® (Real Time Payment) capabilities improving the flow of commerce in the digital economy. RTP® allows for improved cash flow with precisely timed payments in real time, anytime. Transactions are streamlined through two-way communication providing relevant information to both parties and immediate availability of funds. Dallas does business in real time, and now you can, too, with RTP® at Dallas Capital Bank.

We are proud to be a leader in adopting technology solutions that provide the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective results for our clients. The addition of RTP® to our suite of payment options, including ACH and wire services, serves to support you and your business goals.

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