How Dallas Does Kindness

At Dallas Capital Bank, we’re all about building relationships. And those relationships extend beyond our immediate connections and clients, and expand into the Dallas community.

In celebration of our commitment to the greater Dallas community, Dallas Capital Bank recently participated in National Random Acts of Kindness Week in an effort to show our neighbors “How Dallas Does Kindness.”

Dallas Capital Bank thought it would be a rewarding experience to offer each employee a $25 VISA gift card to share with someone in our community to offer as a random token of appreciation. How our team demonstrated a random act of kindness was up to them.

Throughout the week, we shared pictures and stories about our team’s experience showing How Dallas Does Kindness. Everyone from tellers to vice presidents, executive assistants and CEO Doug Hutt participated in Acts of Kindness that included gift card donations to help a family fostering a child, contributing dry erase markers for teachers to use at Indian Creek Elementary School Junior Achievement, paying for a stranger’s groceries, sharing “KIND”  granola bars with everyone in the office, and more. 

Below are some of our great highlights from the week! 

•    Chanel Dent, Executive Assistant, participated in Random Acts of Kindness Week by giving her $25 gift card to a local coffee barista and owner named David. “As I thought about who to give the card to, his face came to my mind you never know what people are going through so I felt impressed to share it with him,” said Chanel. Additionally, she handwrote him a note of encouragement letting him know that he is a blessing to everyone who comes to him for coffee. 

•    A Dallas Capital Bank employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, used her gift card to help out with a request for diapers she found on her Next Door app. The posting came from a neighbor who works with a homeless shelter and knew of a shelter family that just moved into an apartment and needed some help getting started with their independent lifestyle. 

•    Senior Vice President Kelly Dotson used her Dallas Capital Bank gift card to purchase new books to donate to the Library at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. She is a volunteer at the hospital and knows that they will be greatly appreciated. 

•    Tara Campbell, Director of Operations, used her gift card to have Tiff’s Treats cookies and milk delivered to the North Central Station of Dallas Police Department!  The department is her local neighborhood police division with a strong community engagement unit that spends time in the schools, going to Starbucks to chat with community members, as well as taking Cub Scout packs on station tours and answering a hundred questions. Tara sent them a treat with a note letting them know how much their service is appreciated! 

Want to read more about all of our Random Acts of Kindness from the week? Did you participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week? Visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to catch up on what our team was up to throughout the week and share any acts of kindness you or someone you know has taken part in using #HowDallasDoesKindness in your post! We look forward to hearing from you.