The DCB Difference: Corporate-Minded Bankers

Knowledgeable bankers who are here to serve you and equip you, not sell you.

At Dallas Capital Bank we are not interested in selling the product of the month. We are interested in helping you grow your business by bringing custom, simplified solutions using our local knowledge, business acumen, and financial capabilities. With Dallas Capital Bank, you get the sophistication of a banker who has worked in larger financial institutions, while at the same time, reap the benefits inherent of a smaller, more nimble financial institution.

Our bankers will talk through options for your business, comparing near term needs to long term outcomes. We understand the impact of these decisions on your business now and down the road. Sophisticated and creative solutions are clearly presented so you always feel equipped and confident. After all, we believe your banker should be one of your most trusted advisors, not just a provider of credit and banking services.

"They're practical businesspeople, they think like businesspeople when they're underwriting a deal,” said Alturus Capital’s Chad Hufsey. “It's not a bunch of bureaucratic boxes that need to be checked. They think outside the box and think like we do on the investment side."

Commercial and Entrepreneurial Banking

We are exclusively focused on serving the needs of middle-market businesses with best-in-class credit, depository, and treasury services. Dallas Capital Bank is a key resource for real estate developers, investors and mortgage companies seeking trusted advisors with custom financial solutions. We’re not afraid to break the mold. Our credit team is involved with every deal from day one, offering advice and working with you to find ways to accomplish your goals.

Lee Dunlap, CEO of Quest Events, adds, “Usually in banking, our experience has been characterized by all the reasons why we can’t do something. Most bankers need you to fit in their cookie cutter. If you don’t, they can’t help. At DCB it is just the opposite. They will bake whatever cookie we need and adapt.”

Flexibility and speed to get deals done.

We understand that time is money, and you need your banking partner to be on the same schedule as your business. Decisions are made here in Dallas with everyone at the same table. Our team is committed to real-time decision making to ensure your deal gets done. Jeff Hackmeyer of Blue Road Investments shares, “I appreciate the bank’s flexibility and that they roll up their sleeves when we throw creative business deals their way.”

We’re Dallas bankers committed to Dallas businesses, and we can’t wait to partner with you and bring about the transformation your business needs.

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