The DCB Difference: The Best of Both Worlds

Have you ever felt like you weren’t getting exactly what you needed from your banking relationship? Perhaps your “big bank” required you to make an appointment to come into a location to conduct routine business? Or maybe your “community bank” doesn’t offer the products and services needed to support your business growth?

Small banks are flexible and provide great client service. Big banks have leading-edge technology and corporate finance-minded bankers. You deserve the best of both and can find that type of banking partner in Dallas Capital Bank.

Our banking model was designed specifically to bring you the expertise and technology of a big bank, combined with the world-class service of a boutique, relational bank that knows you and partners with you to help your business succeed. Unlike big banks that can be very product-driven, we are client-driven. We are extremely focused on serving the needs of middle-market businesses with best-in-class credit, depository, and treasury services.

Several years ago, DCB was able to bridge this gap for a client who had been banking at a community bank out of convenience to their office location. Unfortunately, they were having to physically walk their deposits across the parking lot to the bank’s branch. DCB set them up with remote banking technology which was a tremendous convenience for their business.

After several years of servicing this business, the strong relationship that had developed proved invaluable to the client. Wendy Blackwell, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Deposit and Treasury Management at DCB, shares, “I received an email that appeared to be from the client requesting a new person be added to their wire account. Because I know their business so well and did not know of this person, and because our protocol requires we verbally verify these types of requests, I reached out to the client. Turns out their email had been hacked, and this was the hacker’s attempt to unlawfully access their accounts. Their IT department was alerted and was able to prevent further infiltration and avoid any financial loss to the client.”

Additionally, this client was one of the first to utilize the full functionality of Real Time Payments (RTP®) technology through Dallas Capital Bank, allowing for improved cash flow with precisely timed payments in real time, anytime. Transactions are streamlined through two-way communication, providing relevant information to both parties and immediate availability of funds.

This marriage of leading-edge banking technology and services and the dedicated service of a team that knows your business inside and out is what Dallas Capital Bank was designed to be. From our Dallas headquarters, we’re uniquely positioned to offer better technology than community banks, but small enough to offer a white-glove client experience big banks can only dream of. If this sounds like the banking relationship you’ve been looking for to support your business, we’d love to show you how you CAN have the best of both worlds.

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